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Regulated by ASIC and fully licensed with trusted partners such as Citi Group and Barclays means you’ll know your money is safe with us.



Make transfers online 24/7 or over the phone via your dedicated currency specialist. 

Built with intuitive same day account opening you can also make same day payments in 30 different currencies.



With no hidden fees, you can set-up an account for FREE and benefit from single rate, transparent tiered pricing

Over 250,000 global customers choose WorldFirst for their international money transfers:

How it works...

Make a transfer

We make your payment

We'll then transfer your money to your chosen person or business at a great exchange rate! Funds are often received within one business day for major currencies.

You then add the account details of who you wish to pay. Next, we'll book an exchange rate online or over the phone and you send us your funds via a bank-to-bank transfer.

Complete our online registration form, which only takes a few minutes. Next we'll ask you to provide your ID.

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– Transfer online 24/7 or over the phon

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