You will benefit from WorldFirst’s market-leading solution 

Competitive exchange rates with no hidden fees or charges across more than 50 currencies

Save time on manual processes – mass payments technology reduces admin, saving time and resource

Reduce costs from misdirected payments and delays

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Making international
payroll easier, faster,
cheaper with WorldFirst

SD Worx has teamed up with award-winning currency specialist WorldFirst to deliver an international payments service that’s efficient, accurate and cost-effective.

The international payroll solution that helps you save time, resources and money. 

This service enables customers to pay overseas salaries in multiple currencies from a single platform as well as make third party international payments for things like import/export and tax.

Making international
payroll easier, faster,
cheaper with WorldFirst

How it works

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96% customer satisfaction

£54bn transferred globally

Authorised by the FCA

700,000+ global payments

So what are you waiting for?

WorldFirst can help you to pay overseas salaries in multiple currencies from one platform
using a single automated file upload. Not only is it easier, cheaper and faster, but it will also help reduce time spent on manual processes and reduce human error.

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Our partners and clients often tell us how dificult it can be
to open and access overseas currency accounts, especially in
markets where you don’t have a registered business address.

WorldFirst can help you or your clients open local currency
accounts allowing them to collect funds in, hold balances and
make payments out in multiple currencies, all from one easyto-
use platform.

World Account:
A new approach to
international banking
for businesses

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Consolidates payroll under ‘one roof’ with a single point of contact 

‘One-file Processing’ & validation ensures timely and accurate payments

Give you peace of mind through transaction audit data and payment tracking’


It’s really easy to get started and once setup, SD Worx can manage the whole process for you.

1 — Setup an account with WorldFirst – this is easy to do and free
2 — Agree a payroll processing schedule with SD Worx
3 — Provide beneficiary details and payment details to SD Worx
4 — SD Worx upload all beneficiary and payment information to WorldFirst on your behalf
5 — Payment summary sent to you for approval
6 — C’est tout! All your international payroll payments sent

The international payments solution 

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World Account:
International banking
for businesses

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