Selling internationally just got easier.

How can the World Account help you?

Easier to open currency accounts

Open multiple local currency accounts in GBP, EUR, USD, CAD & AUD and receive payments with ease. For free.

Cheaper international transfers

Save money with great rates on all foreign exchange transfer and absolutely no hidden fees.

Sell internationally like a local

Collect funds from overseas customers or online marketplaces and make payments out to your suppliers.

One easy-to-use platform

Receive, hold or send funds and seamlessly transfer between your own currency accounts – online or via the app.

No hidden fees. No charges.
No excuses.

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96% customer satisfaction 

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£65bn transferred globally

FCA authorised

700,000+ global payments


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We're WorldFirst and we make moving your money around the world easier, cheaper, and faster. If you're selling to customers abroad, our World Account could save you money on making and receiving international payments. 

Get smarter selling internationally.

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Join the 50,000 businesses using WorldFirst to get more from international sales. 

It's completely free to open a World Account with us. There are no monthly charges and no transfer fees on foreign exchange transactions either.

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